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We hadden genoeg sponsorgeld binnen zodat Bridget naar groep 7 en groep 8 van het basisonderwijs kon gaan. Dit zou in September gebeuren. Helaas gooide, ook voor Bridget, Corona roet in het eten. Nu een half jaar verder gaat ze beginnen op een boarding school in Dedza. Hierbij het verhaal dat Lemani ons stuurt. Hij is ook diegene die haar de komende 2 jaar gaat begeleiden.

Bridget Pahuwa Now Back in School

Rights of a child need to be enjoyed by every child regardless of race, tribe, gender, disability and class. Children with disability and albinism have suffered a lot of discrimination, denial, abandonment, neglect, rejection and all sorts of abuse. Bridget Pahuwa was one of such children.

Bridget born on 8th June 2003 in a small village in District was abandoned by her father when she was only one year old and later by her mother when she was three years old. Her mother went away and has now 5 children of three different fathers. Bridget has been raised by and stays with her poor grandmother.

Lemani walks around the school with Bridget and her uncle

Bridget’s education has not been easy. She could not have proper clothing for school and for her condition. She suffered a lot of harassment on her way back to school. She could not complete her primary school instead she opted to dropout and stay at home. 

In the quest to give hope to and empower underprivileged children in rural Malawi, Future4All Malawi with support from HELP Malawi-Nederland has supported Bridget with a scholarship to continue her primary education through residential learning at a more safe boarding environment. She starts in standard 7. 

We believe Bridget will be one of integral members in our society.

Bridget in new clothes at a new school smiles while hiding behind a newly-bought umbrella

“I almost gave up. I never thought there could be people in world who would think about my future any more. Now I can start feeling important like any other person. I am very grateful to Future4All Malawi, HELP Malawi-Nederland and the royal people of Netherlands for sponsoring my education” – Bridget confessed.

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