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Bestuur/ december 11, 2020/ Scholarships

Momenteel zitten we wereldwijd met corona en alle gevolgen van dien. Hierbij heeft zich vorige week ook nog eens een ramp voltrokken in Dzoole village, het dorp waar onze stichting actief is.

Heel triest en niet echt iets om vrolijk van te worden…………………………………

………………..En dan krijg je het volgende bericht. Het komt van Lemson Millah een student die van 2009 tot 2013 een scholarship kreeg. Hij vraagt mij om het mail adres van zijn toenmalige sponsor omdat hij haar graag een mail wil sturen. Hij wil haar laten weten hoe het nu met hem gaat. Na toestemming van zijn toenmalige sponsor heb ik hem haar mailadres gegeven.

Dit schrijft hij :

Hi Duleke,

How are you?

It has been a long time since I talked to you through a few letters. It was my passion to have you among my contacts, today am very glad to keep in touch with you again. It isn’t simple to assist contributing to someone’s future you even don’t know. But you made it, what a wonderful person is you! Duleke, I salute you as my Mom.  My school journey was smoothly handled. In 2013 l wrote Malawi School Certificate Examination and managed to come up with; A distinction in Mathematics, 3 strong credits in English, Physical Science and Chichewa our local language and the rest were passes.

I didn’t stop there but working extra harder to achieve my goal as you were instructed me to do so.  In 2014 I was selected to Machinga Teacher Training College among 52437 who attended an interview I was such an opportunity boy to be among 2450 who got selection out of  this 52437. It was really a battle.

After a completion of a year, I was at Nanthomba Primary School during my second year of practicum experience. I tried to be a great mentor and instructor to the students to encourage and assist them where necessary. In 2018, 10th October. l was deployed by the government of Malawi under Ministry of Education as a Primary School Teacher. Currently am still working under Ministry of Education.

This how it has been my journey. But with all these l have to extend my gratitude to you and your family for giving me a full support contributing to my future. Here I am today as a Teacher.

I as Lemson, believe that every dream is successful if you work out of it and my dream here is to work hard to be a Secondary School Teacher but still more am looking for other opportunities to assist me achieving my dream.

Thanks Once again Duleke for your heartfelt my family members are proud of you.

Warmest regards

En dan is het weer eens heel duidelijk waar we het samen met onze sponsoren voor doen. Naast alle ellende nu in Dzoole-village , is dit even een opsteker waar je een warm gevoel van krijgt.



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