New Child Day Care Progress

Admin/ oktober 29, 2018/ Communitiy centre

This brief report highlights processes; achievements; and challenges the project has gone through.

The building shall not only be used as a child day care centre but will also serve as a community centre.  The building has a special room for community library with much emphasis on children and the youth. It also has a storeroom, reception area, child dinning/eating area, resting area and the main room that is a classroom/play room.

After construction work had completed, it took about two months for suppliers of roofing timber to fulfil the order to us. The timber that was supplied to us was not enough though and we had to source additional timber from Dedza which is another district about 120km north of the village.

When carpenters had finished laying out timber on the roof, we had to install electricity pipes(tubing) ready for electrical wiring when supplies will be ready. This was necessary to do before iron sheets were put on the roof because electricians needed more light at least.

Soon after tubing was completed builders started plastering the interior wall. We are only remaining with the resting area and library to be plastered.

We placed an order with one of the suppliers of iron sheets (Agora) to supply us with painted 28 gauge iron sheets. It took a whole month for us waiting for the supplier to supply us. It ended up that the manufacturer of iron sheets (Safintra) was not manufacturing enough to meet the demand due to electricity problem in the country. We had to go for an alternative. We looked for another supplier who supplied us with plain iron sheets and we painted them ourselves to make them durable. 

Now carpenters are working on finishing roofing. We hope by the second week of November roofing shall be completed. Currently child day care services are being done in the nearby church.

Looking forward to have the centre ready by the end of this term!

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