Louise and team

Bestuur/ juni 8, 2023/ Reis 2023

Takulandirani (youare most welcome)

From March 16 to April 7 this year, Louise, Ankie, Els and Annamaria visited Future4All Malawi community projects that Help Malawi-Nederland supports. This visit came after the one in 2020 was interrupted by the Covid19 lockdowns. Help Malawi-Nederland visits projects in Malawi every two years. This time the visiting crew managed to meet secondary and tertiary students in their respective schools/colleges and homes. Students were given letters and presents such as shoes from their sponsors. 

Louise and the loyal people of the Netherlands through Help Malawi-Nederland have been great supporters of secondary school scholarship program and several projects since 2009. They were very intrigued with the impact they have made in the lives of young people and rural communities in Malawi.

The visits cement the partnership our community and the loyal people of The Netherlands have.  Your support brings lasting positive impact in the lives of the people.  

Lemani Ngaiyaye

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